Cx Moments AI automatically identifies 100’s of different intents in customer support queries, including “Applying discounts and vouchers”, “Ask for a refund”, “Cancel my order or delivery”, “Change delivery day”, and many more. It can then automatically apply the related tag to the Helpdesk ticket, as well as assign it to the right agent or agent group. It can even trigger an automated reply sending your customer one of your FAQs, or asking for more information.

For example, in your busy seasonal periods, you can automatically assign easy tickets to temporary agents you have just recruited for the peak period, and keep the difficult queries for your most skilled agents. Or route refund queries to your Payment team, and order cancellations to your Shipping and Warehouse team.

You can automatically answer easy questions with pre-canned FAQs, or automatically ask for more information before involving your agents.

Cx Moments AI uses deep learning / ML algorithms to reach up to 96% accuracy in understanding what your customers are contacting you about.

Using BERT and Tensorflow to categorise customer support queries with up to 96% accuracy.

Cx Moments is now expanding its automation capabilities to other industry verticals, including SaaS customer support, IT Helpdesk and mobile app reviews.