Cx Moments NLP AI uses BERT and Tensorflow. Trained on millions of customer support interactions across several industry verticals, it understands customer conversations with unmatched accuracy. BERT and Tensorflow are two leading-edge deep-learning and AI technologies. They bring to Cx Moments users a new way of categorizing their customer interactions: AI+ topics.

AI+ topics use deep learning / ML algorithms, and can reach up to 96% accuracy in understanding what your customers are actually asking or complaining about, in their own words.

Using BERT and Tensorflow to categorise customer support queries.

What are BERT and Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is an open source Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence library. It uses data flow graphs to build models, and was developed by Google. Read this excellent InfoWorld article if you feel like a geek today.

BERT and Tensorflow logos

As for BERT, it is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing. Google AI also developed BERT, and made it available, like Tensorflow, as an open source to the AI developers community. Explaining how BERT works can be tricky. So just note that this is yet another “super hot” AI technology. And Google recently announced that they started using BERT in their own online search algorithms. Once again, if you feel like a geek and want to learn more about BERT, read this excellent article published by

How does Cx Moments use BERT and Tensorflow?

Cx Moments has specifically optimised and tuned BERT and Tensorflow to analyse customer conversations. We actually trained our new engine on millions of customer support interactions across several industry verticals. As a result, Cx Moments AI is capable of understanding and categorising customer conversations with unmatched accuracy.

Using BERT and Tensorflow to categorise customer support queries with up to 96% accuracy.

How do BERT and Tensorflow benefit Cx Moments customers?

Cx Moments is the industry’s fastest and easiest AI solution for categorising millions of customer support tickets and live chats. Our proprietary AI-Assist technology rapidly generates multiple and granular topics.

Using BERT and Tensorflow brings to Cx Moments users a new set of topics: AI+ topics. Powered by our new AI engine, they are not just based on keyword combinations. Instead they rely on deep learning / ML algorithms. AI+ topics can now achieve 96% accuracy, while only requiring limited training data.

Cx Moments uses an approach called “Transfer Learning” to expand and customize, for each specific industry and business, the capability of our core BERT and Tensorflow-powered AI engine. This reduces the amount of additional training data needed, and accelerates the delivery of new customised AI+ topics from weeks to days.

As a Cx moments customer, how can I get to use these new AI topics?

Get in touch with us, and we will walk you through the process of generating these new AI-powered topics. These can then be viewable in your very same Cx Moments dashboard.

This new AI capability comes as an add-on to existing plans. If you’d like to know more about it, and learn how it can help you discover more and better insights in your own customer support interactions, contact us now!