You have decided that your support team needs a better way to service your customers. While you currently have agents fielding customer questions all day every day, it’s all very reactive. You understand that you have recurring customer issues but with no real way to look at your support data. As a result, your companies big decisions aren’t based off real evidence. It’s also important for you to get a leg up ahead of the rest of your competitors and start harnessing the power of AI to boost your teams’ efficiency and productivity. Your team needs an AI solution, but what solution best fits your business case?

We are going to walk you through two potential AI solutions for your support, looking at who they are for and what might be the best option for your team.

Who Is It For


Cx MOMENTS is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses who want the power of AI for their support. Businesses that don’t have the time and budget to commission a full-scale custom build. Our AI solution is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It is versatile enough to function across industry verticals yet provides a result that is highly specific to your business case.

Custom AI Projects

Custom AI projects are usually conducted by large scale tech and fortune 500 companies looking to gain an advantage through AI and harness the benefits of their data. So these projects will be undertaken to meet a specific need the company is currently facing with a team tasked with planning, building, executing and implementing the project.

For example, Uber built COTA (Customer Obsessed Ticket Assistant) to help route tickets better and suggest answers to customer support agents. The project was hugely successful. They found that better ticket routing increased efficiency by 10%. Plus, measuring customer satisfaction through surveys, they found that CSAT stayed consistent or improved through the implementation.“By empowering customer support agents to deliver quicker and more accurate solutions, COTA’s powerful ML models make the Uber support experience more enjoyable.”

By not allowing the AI to talk directly to customers, Uber gets all of the benefits of AI but reduces the risk of terrible customer experience. And you don’t need to be Uber to implement AI ticket routing into your support. This project was a huge success but took a whole team months to produce and for most companies, this amount of time and resources just isn’t feasible.

Set Up Time


Set up with an out of the box solution like Cx MOMENTS takes hours not months. From signing in and connecting your Helpdesk instance, you will get results and insights instantly from your data. You will have a dashboard of keywords and topics. This can include the likes of your products, shipping partners or customer issues. Moreover, you will be able to see detailed information like the trend, volume and satisfaction on each. You can also build on your Cx MOMENTS even further than this. Have full workflows and use cases specific to your business set up in just two days. Automate responses to common queries, route tickets to the best agents for the job and escalate recurring issues to the right department. All from your Cx MOMENTS dashboard.

Custom AI projects

Typical custom built projects can take over 6 months to complete. They are built from scratch and specific to the use case at hand. So there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done to get it successfully working. And even after completion, it can very often take up to a year for machine learning to start returning intelligent results based on your data.

Price Range


The ready to go AI option starts at just $99 a month and is flexible to your business case. Pricing is based on ticket volumes, helping you to find a pricing plan for your business.

Custom AI Projects

A custom built AI project can cost upwards of $500k to plan, build, execute and maintain. As a result, a large team is often needed to bring it to completion.



This option is self-service and fully customizable. It analyses your support data and finds customer issues specific to your business. You have the ability to create new topics and searches specific to your business and what you are trying to achieve in your support. In addition, you can build automated workflows and processes specific to your use case. We also offer set up and professional services to help with your customization, making sure it is the best possible fit for you.

Custom AI Projects

Well, it says it in the name! These projects are built just for you. They are created to fulfil a planned need and they should do just that if executed correctly. The only downside to this would be flexibility. As your project is designed for a specific use case, it is difficult then to use this solution and your analysed support data in other possible ways. Such as reporting or creating outbound campaigns based on specific customer issues.


It all really comes down to time and money. So if you have the time and money then a custom AI project will be built specifically to solve your problem. It will be a unique differentiator for your business, helping you to stay ahead of your competitors in providing top class customer support. In 6 months to a year, you will have deep actionable insights from your support data from the AI, giving you a new way to improve the customers’ experience.

If you need results now, then you need an AI solution that gives you instant results. And most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have 6 months to wait. And they don’t have $500k to throw at improving their support. However, they can use Cx MOMENTS to analyse their support conversations. This provides them with actionable data to base their decisions off. They can customize their instance to their business case, and within just a few days dramatically improve their support teams productivity and their customer’s experience with the power of AI.