BiggerPockets looks to prevent customer issues before they get to the support team

A case study on the power of customer support data to get into the shoes of your users

It’s a movement within the real estate investing community centred around grassroots, democratized education. It’s a journey towards freedom, helping people make the best investing decisions possible.

BiggerPockets help their users achieve this goal by providing a complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing. They offered free content, tools and a community of over 1,000,000 members to help people avoid mistakes, learn valuable tips, find partners, deals and financing. Their mission is to help its users reach their goals through community interaction. And with 1,069726 people and 33,000 companies networking their way to real estate success, you could say they have succeeded. With 3,521,338 forum posts and 47,839 entries across 15,115 blogs, BiggerPockets is the worlds premier real estate community and resource portal.


With this rapidly growing community, the support team is a core part of the business and key to maintaining smooth upward growth. BiggerPockets has an 8 person support team that works around the clock to provide members top quality support. The team is led by its award winning Director of Customer Experience and Support, Hilary Catton. Hilary is the winner of the “Young Customer Service Professional of the Year 2017” at the Stevie Awards, and “Service Person of the Year 2018” from the National Customer Service Association.

The support team has a stunning first time response of 14 minutes and an average ticket resolution time of 4 hours. “One of the primary objectives in my department is to prevent customer issues before they even get to our support team, to ensure a reputable encounter in spite of a steady increase in active users”.

“The biggest issue our support team had was really understanding the exact reasons our members were reaching out to us, and what problems we could try to alleviate before they became larger concerns.” It was an objective within the team to proactively prevent customer issues before they reached the support team. But without any real data or visualisation of what their customer issues were, this became hard to achieve. Getting an overview of what their customers biggest problems were would require reading through thousands of ticket a week to get a rough idea of what is important and what problems can be alleviated.

​The Cx Moments Difference

Following the integration of Cx Moments into BiggerPocket’s Freshdesk ticket data, Hilary’s team immediately had the visibility of their customers issues that they needed to achieve their objective of preventing customer issues before they reached support. “Cx Moments has finally given us a very clear understanding of what we could fix sooner to make sure the user has a great experience. It has really boosted our awareness of what our user needs are, and how to work with our product team to create the most comprehensive and well balanced product we can.”

By discovering the volume of tickets BiggerPockets received based on certain key themes or topics within their Freshdesk system and how they are trending week to week, the support team has a strong understanding of what needs to happen within the business to improve customer experience, and they have the data to back it up. “We know our users need to be  heard to keep our business growing, and Cx Moments has helped us to do this.”



With the information Hilary’s team now have at their fingertips, they can begin to achieve their objective. Preventing customer issues by sharing the data they capture with product and marketing teams to help improve BiggerPocket’s overall customer experience.



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