Fiix uses Cx Moments AI to help the Voice of Customer drive its Product roadmap
Fiix was founded in 2008 in Toronto, Canada, with a mission to make every maintenance team successful by providing easy-to-use, affordable computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).

Since then, Fiix’s cloud-based solution has been disrupting the traditional CMMS market by revolutionizing how thousands of companies worldwide schedule, organize, and track maintenance. Despite its fast growth, Fiix has managed to remain the approachable, agile, and customer-obsessed company it was set up to be.

Brian Manthenga joined Fiix as a Tech Support specialist in 2016. Thanks to his hands-on technical expertise and ability to manage teams and influence colleagues, Brian’s role rapidly grew to become Fiix’s Senior Technical Support Manager. In this short time frame, Brian managed to build a world-class B2B support organization ensuring that customers achieve their business goals with minimal effort and friction.

The Challenge of Growth

As the Fiix customer base grew, so did the complexity of its support activity. Brian managed to ensure best practice in their customer support by deploying Zendesk’s world-class support solution. But beyond supporting more and more customers, Brian also understood that a key challenge would be to keep listening to customer’s feedback and maintain them at the center of their product and support strategy.

Heading the technical support team put Brian in a unique position to hear what customers had to say. Better than CSAT or NPS surveys, customers contact support about whatever they want or need to talk about— whether it’s product support or something that could be improved.
However, relating this feedback to other teams with an evidence-based, quantifiable approach was difficult. For example, finding tickets about a specific customer issue always required manually reading a large number of tickets. And this generally ended up with anecdotal evidence that did not demonstrate the true volume and trend of tickets associated with that issue.

The underlying challenge is that Fiix support agents, like in any other company, are mainly focused on helping customers, more than categorizing tickets for reporting purposes. So Brian started looking for a way to automatically categorize and re-categorizing support tickets, without wasting agents’ time.

The Cx Moments Benefit

After reviewing several AI solutions, Brian decided to go with Cx Moments. “Cx Moments could provide us with out-of-the-box-results”, says Brian, “With its easy self-service tuning and rapid insights, this solution did not require us to engage in a complex AI project. We could start using it from day one and get great value from it”.

Brian uses Cx Moments to automatically tag new tickets that arise and to re-categorize the entire ticket history when a new tag is created. This lets him check if a “new issue” has actually been reported before, and how frequently it was flagged. Fiix now has very granular categories for customer issues and requests, and can modify them without having to train and re-train agents on the new categorization. When a software fix or enhancement is released, they can quickly check if the volume of related customer queries has actually decreased.

“We could start using Cx Moments from day one and get great value from it””

Brian uses Cx Moments to change how the Voice of the Customer is heard at Fiix. Cx Moments insights are shared during meetings with the company’s VP and their Chief Product Officer, where Brian can rapidly put together a case for improvements required by customers, showing the true trend of a customer issue, together with evidence and details about how customers actually talk about it. Establishing these facts enables the management team to make the best and quickest decisions about product roadmap, feature enhancement, or bug fixes.

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