How to improve customer support and make better products with customer support data

A case study showing how AI customer support reporting helps companies focus their product improvements based on their customers' feedback.

From impressive photo posters to high quality calendars, is a market leader in the online digital photo industry.


With facilities that benefit from cutting edge technological advances, both in terms of quality and efficiency,  delivers its high quality products across the world:

  • Daily capacity of more than 3,000,000 prints

  • 15 locations around the world

  • Delivering to 186 countries

  • Over 8400 m² of production space

  • Over 100 finest quality photo products

The goal for is to continuously improve access to digital photo products and services for all internet users. creates and applies new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted online experiences. 

Heading their fast growing multi-lingual Customer Success team is Eliel Benarroch. Eliel has led customer success teams since 2008, when it was still called “customer service”.  He has managed the operations of contact centers around the globe, from the US to India, the Philippines and Israel, for companies with 1000+ employees.

Eliel’s strategic goal for is to turn the company into a customer centric operation. One that listens to feedback from its user base to understand and anticipate the clients’ needs faster than the client themselves.

“Our biggest challenge was that our support agents don’t tag their support tickets correctly. And this is perfectly normal, as I actually need them to  focus on solving our customers problems, not tagging tickets” says Eliel. But as a consequence, Eliel could never run reports showing the Exec Management team. There is no way of showing how such and such customer issues are trending. Because most tickets are actually not correctly tagged against these issues.

After activating Cx Moments to analyze their Zendesk Support tickets, started to better understand the difficulties faced by their customers.

The Cx Moments benefit

“With Cx Moments, we could finally associate issues with specific products which in turn allowed us to begin improving our product and our production process.”

And Eliel adds “It has also helped us immensely in the process of creating a knowledge base as the software quantifies issues letting us know what are the most common issues that could be solved without an agent in the way. This is extremely valuable as it allows our agents to focus on the more complex issues and it also allows them to do it faster and with a fresher mind.”

As a result, managed to optimize its customer-facing Knowledge Base and FAQs. They also improved the quality of work of their agents and improved the overall customer experience. It also allows to focus their product improvements based on customer feedback. 




As Eliel says, “When done right, AI gives a company invaluable insight into what customers feel and into what issues they have. We had no tool for that and no human can achieve that without that help of a solution such as Cx MOMENTS.”


Daily capacity
3,000,000 prints

Countries served

First time response
Under 2 hours

Satisfaction rate

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