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Freshly looks to increase customer retention and win back through proactive engagement

The power of customer support data to better target customers with specific issues

Freshly’s mission is to help the world eat healthy, feel better, and live more by making eating convenient, healthy, delicious and sustainable.


Freshly is a fast-growing, food-tech startup and the largest fresh-prepared-meal delivery service in the US. Their mission is to make eating healthy easy by delivering fresh, nutritious, fully cooked meals directly to their customers. Freshly currently delivers to 28 states and is expanding delivery in the beginning of 2019. Their aim is to service over 90% of the continental US.

Freshly’s customer service team has been an integral part of keeping the company running smoothly. To do this during astronomical growth by embracing best-in-class standards and KPIs across email, phone, and chat support. Freshly’s support team is helmed by Colin Crowley, the VP of Customer Experience. Colin has built the bicoastal customer service team from the ground up to a team of 60+.


To track customers reasons for calling, customer service agents use an internal system for categorizing incoming order issues. This is done with help from Zendesk’s auto-tagging features. Still, the time it takes agents to categorize every ticket manually is cumbersome. Which leads to “smaller” customer comments not being part of the broader tagging system. The team needed a better way to report on customer issues. They also had other ideas around improving customer experience and retention.

Before Cx Moments, Freshly had tried other approaches to address this challenge. However, none were able to give them the clarity and detailed tagging they needed, while easily integrating with Zendesk, the leading customer service and engagement platform. “Cx Moments provides the team with a detailed view of all of the interactions Freshly has with its customers, while managing to remove the noise usually found in tickets overhead,” explains Colin.

Proactive Engagement

Cx Moments also categorizes all customer interactions retroactively, providing enough visibility for Freshly to follow and track issues highly specific to their business. It provides information to the web development and marketing departments, feeding into new iterations of the website flow and a better understanding of customers’ sign-up issues based on real customer feedback—all without cumbersome, manual tagging by customer service agents.

Freshly’s team uses the data provided by Cx Moments to advance their customer retention and winback outreach efforts by treating each customer as an individual with individual concerns. The granular analysis of all customer conversations enables Freshly to initiate well-targeted and proactive outbound engagements via Zendesk’s product “Connect.” The tight integration between Cx Moments and Zendesk creates target customer segments that can then be used by Zendesk Connect outreach campaigns to follow up with specific users based on their specific concerns.


Cx Moments helps the team solve future problems as well. With the detailed insights into target customers, the web or marketing teams can gather feedback from customers who have had issues or comments in their area in the past and work on improvements and new products. Freshly is now on the road to providing some of the most proactive and individualised customer service around. In a world of increasing customer service expectations from consumers, this will surely act as a strong differentiator. It will help to retain and win over customers as they grow—and Cx Moments is happy to be a partner in that journey.

“Cx Moments provides the team with a detailed view of all of the interactions Freshly has with its customers – Colin Crowley, VP Customer Experience – Freshly


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