Rediker’s support team used reporting on support tickets to win a seat at the decision-making table with Cx MOMENTS

A case study on the power of reporting on customer support data to drive executive product decisions

Your school is a hub for your entire community. Rediker’s integrated school management system aims to connect schools, families and communities around the world.


Rediker software was founded by educators for educators. Richard Rediker, a high school chemistry teacher set out to create a better way of keeping track of class attendance in his school. This simple idea has turned into the full student information systems they produce today. Rediker has seen huge growth, employing nearly 100 people and helping schools. The software is deployed in all 50 states in the US and across 115 countries worldwide.

Today Rediker has upwards of 100,000 teachers using the TeacherPlus Web Gradebook. Additionally, there are 2 million ParentPlus and StudentPlus web portal users. Over 75,000 admission applications and forms were processed in 2017 alone.


Rediker Software: First Class Support

This growth from humble beginnings has been assisted by a first-class customer support team with an industry high customer support satisfaction rating of 92%! This team is now run by John Daigle, the  Head of Technical Support Operations. John is a former StubHub and Apple employee and customer support veteran. Since joining Rediker two and a half years ago, John has helped to bring 1st Class support to Rediker by looking to new technologies to help his support team seamlessly solve their customers issues through the use of Freshdesk and Cx Moments.

“Due to the usual issues with agent tagging in a support team, we only had five reliable tags to categorize customer calls”. Agents spend their time helping customers and often forget to tag tickets or opt for the easiest

Rediker only had 5 reliable tags

 ones. Even when agents do tag tickets, they often don’t tag in a repeatable or consistent way. And with too few predefined tags, customer cases will not be accurately represented.

This left Rediker with very little actionable information coming back from support. They had no insights on what issues were commonly popping up and how to solve them. Without a bigger picture of their customers biggest problems, the team was left to be reactive to customer complaints. Any proactive efforts they would take to solve recurrent issues would lack the needed evidence to convince the development team and management to make the needed changes.

“We needed something that could analyse our customer conversations at scale and provide us with real data based on what our customers tell us”.

The Cx Moments Difference

Following the integration of Cx Moments onto Rediker’s Helpdesk data, Cx Moments discovered 60+ reasons for customers to contact Rediker’s support. “With this very granular view, we can now use real metrics such as volume, trend and satisfaction to prioritize specific customer issues.” The Tech Support Team now had hard data on what was causing customers complaints and went from being a reactive fire fighter and cost centre in the business, to providing real direction on the future of product development.

Mobile apps were previously considered a low priority within the support team. “This part of our product portfolio seemed to generate low volumes of contact, so it was not on our radar”. But with Cx Moments it quickly became a high priority issue. “After using Cx Moments to categorize it and map it against customer satisfaction, we discovered the discontent our mobile apps created amongst our customers”. This was a huge area for customer frustration with satisfaction scores around 33% but was hard to see previously when you lack correctly tagged tickets to provide you with a strong overview of why your customers are calling.

Cx MOMENTS provided metrics and evidence that enabled Rediker to drive change in their product. This allowed tech support to start the conversation with the development team by sharing real customer feedback and providing hard data points.

The Impact with Cx Moments

“Our development team took what we provided and used it to make course corrections in their product development roadmap”. These updates were then monitored using Cx MOMENTS to measure the effects of these changes on customer satisfaction and the volume of tickets coming in.


Cx Moments gave tech support a seat at the table. Regular collaboration between John’s team in Tech Support and Product Development has since begun. Development now have a full-time resource working in Cx Moments with Tech Support.

“Cx Moments will be used to help shape our next generation of products at Rediker Software”. – John Daigle, Head of Technical Support Operations – Rediker Software


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