Workwell technologies tracks real customer feedback and queries on new products within their support data.

Using AI to analyse customer service data to gain valuable insights and track new product launches

Building a better business doesn’t mean you need to work harder, just smarter. Workwell Technologies helps companies achieve this by creating flexible solutions so their customers can effectively manage people, inventory, time, sales and more with less effort.


Workwell Technologies is the leader in time and attendance solutions. They work specifically for small and mid-size companies. Their commitment to delivering well designed solutions allows their customers to manage their business with ease and efficiency.


A Highly Ambitious Tech Company

This highly ambitious tech company has grown quickly. And its portfolio of products has grown with it. Client services are also a vital part of Workwell Technologies ability to continue this growth and keep existing customers happy. Patrick Arrastia runs a 28 person team as Director of Client Services and helps guide his team to best-in-class support. Patrick was employee number 15 at Workwell technologies and has been an integral part of guiding them towards their goals.

“Our key goals are all aimed at creating happy customers. Within our department we’ve overhauled and/or implemented just about every process and procedure we have. From our interview/onboarding process to ticket handling.” Above this as well is the drive to challenge old ways of doing things, “just because that is the way they have always been done.” “We also try to empower our agents to engage in the creation and evolution of these processes.”

Best in Class Customer Service

The customer service team provides best in class support for over two thousand tickets a week with an average first resolution of 96% across 6 products, each with their own unique customer portals, all with a lifetime replacement warranty. Workwell Technologies customer service team also has a phone and chat hold time well under one minute and a 98% CSAT rating.

The Challenges of Support Data

“As a company, we’ve always captured a huge amount of data, from every source imaginable. When it came to support ticket data, we had this massive amount of potentially great insight, but leveraging and shaping it into something actionable had always been challenging, time consuming and prone to error.”

When bugs surfaced in a portal or in the firmware that runs one of their devices, it was often difficult for Patrick’s team to answer the basic questions that would arise: how often had this been occurring? How many people is it affecting? When did this issue first appear? Cx Moments was the answer to this problem and provided Patrick with the data and visibility of customer issues and feedback he needed.


Data Driven Decision Making

“When we installed Cx MOMENTS it was immediately evident that we now had a clear path to actionable, data driven decision making. From high level trending to very granular breakdowns that could drill all the way to trends in individual accounts, the default model was quite powerful for our needs.”

Tracking Newly Released Feature Sets

Workwell Technologies were able to use Cx Moments to monitor and collect data on a recent software release. The support team was able to take advantage of the huge amounts of data they have direct from their customers to provide actionable data to the product development and software teams. This allowed them to accurately gauge the performance and reception of the recently released feature set, which otherwise would have cost a significant amount of time and resources to obtain.

Possible issues with new releases could be quickly spotted within the support data with information on trend, volume and satisfaction to provide to the development teams as evidence. This allows them to make adjustments and improvements before the issues become big problems.


Workwell Technologies is an innovative and ambitious company. It relies heavily on its strong performing customer service team to provide a best in class customer experience. The support team helps make sure new product releases and updates go off without a hitch. This is done by harnessing their support data and monitoring customer feedback and queries on new product releases. Providing this detailed analysis to the product development and software teams helps to accurately gauge the success of new releases. And it helps to take the guess work out of new product development.


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