Instant insights from your Zendesk Tickets & Chats

Automatically categorize Zendesk tickets and chats. Detect questions and problems that crop up in your customer support conversations.

Instantly categorise and analyze sentiment in 10,000’s of tickets and chats
Report on trends and volumes
Prioritise backlog and escalate recurring issues to other teams
Capture customer feedback for your Product team

Trusted by the best

Jonathan Beirne

Group Head of Customer Experience and Engagement

Having Cx Moments allows us to identify any pain points in our processes to make them the best they can be. The customer insights that we’re now getting are invaluable.

Colin Crowley

VP of Customer Experience

“Cx MOMENTS provides the team with a detailed view of all of the interactions Freshly has with its customers, while managing to remove the noise usually found in tickets overhead”

Hilary Catton

Director of Customer Experience and Support 

“Cx MOMENTS has given us the tools to be able to make sure our customers experience on our product is the best we can make it.”

Connect your Helpdesk data in two clicks

Cx MOMENTS integrates with many Helpdesk and Live Chat solutions.

Cx Moments provides easy integration with your helpdesk solution
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