Automatically categorize Zendesk Tickets & Chats

Analyse sentiment, volumes and trends, and capture customer feedback for your Product team. In just a few clicks, discover what bothers your customers and hurts your business the most.

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Get the detailed breakdown of your customers issues

Tagging tickets manually is cumbersome and unreliable, and Customer Service agents often fail to categorize the important details of customer queries. They can even leave up to 60% of your support tickets untagged.

Cx Moments AI tags tickets better and faster than your agents, no matter how complex and granular your categorisation needs to be. We will also automatically apply new tags or categories to your entire ticket history.

Make your business better

Cx Moments automatically summarizes your customer queries by area. Now, you can show each Department the customer issues they own, and which ones they should prioritize:

  • Tell your Shipping team which carrier has the most delivery issues.
  • Show Product owners what features your customers struggle with.
  • Alert Marketing about an urgent problem with a recent promotion.

One glance and a few clicks is all it takes to make your business better.

Jonathan Beirne

Group Head of Customer Experience and Engagement

Having Cx Moments allows us to identify any pain points in our processes to make them the best they can be. The customer insights that we’re now getting are invaluable.

Colin Crowley

VP of Customer Experience

“Cx MOMENTS provides the team with a detailed view of all of the interactions Freshly has with its customers, while managing to remove the noise usually found in tickets overhead”

Hilary Catton

Director of Customer Experience and Support 

“Cx MOMENTS has given us the tools to be able to make sure our customers experience on our product is the best we can make it.”

One portal to analyze all your CxM systems

Cx Moments can centralize the analytics for multiple systems, as it integrates with all major Helpdesks, including Intercom, Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Salesforce, LiveChat, Zoho, Dixa.

We add new integrations all the time, but if your Helpdesk is not yet pre-integrated with us, you can still get started in minutes by using our CSV upload feature.

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